Chill Saturday

The title of this post is very fitting because not only was my Saturday relaxing it was also randomly breezy and cool out. Just when you think spring has sprung Louisiana weather proves differently, as usual of course.

I attended my husband’s company picnic this day so I wanted to be warm, comfortable, and don’t forget fashionable. 😉 Here is what I wore.

photo copy

photoimage copy 3image

image copy 2image copy 4

Cardigan-H&M, Tunic-Vertage (local), Tiffany blue leggings-Forever 21, Combat boots-Forever 21, Scarf-Agaci, Earrings-Vertage (local) Studded Handbag-Forever 21 Watch-Marc by Marc Jacobs

Now… I want to really stress that I don’t want my blog to just be about me! I don’t want to only show you what I wear, I truly want every post I write to somehow help you or inspire you in your own life of style. I stated in my previous post, I don’t believe in labels and as you can see, everything I wore Saturday was of no name brand what so ever. Aside from my beloved Marc Jacobs watch I do believe everyone should invest in a nice watch. Ha.

A person can buy all the latest styles from any prominent designer out there and yet not know how to put together a single outfit. Something I have learned with time is that money can’t buy style. So many people tell me, “I want to dress cute but I can’t afford to.” I am here to show you that dressing fashionably does NOT cost money.

A sense of style can take you a long way. Knowing how to find bargains too is a great skill to have, it does take time and effort but are worth it in the long run. I go through clothing so frequently that I refuse to overpay for anything I buy. I like investing in cute pieces that I can keep for quite some time. Having a few key pieces in your closet are really all you need. Being able to mix match what you own is essential to looking stylish. My husband  is famous for this, right before we walk out the door everyday he will compliment a dress, jacket, blazer, or top that I am wearing and ask me when I got it. And my response is always the same, “ummmmm, I have had this for months, even maybe a year!”

The moral of this story you see is that I have become so accustomed to mix matching my clothes to appear like something new or different every time I wear them. The key is learning how to pair things, once you master that, you are in the clear. But it takes experimenting and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone a little.

Mix prints, colors, and fabrics. It takes time yes, but you will find that you won’t feel the need to go shopping for new clothes every time a special occasion arises. Once you learn to see your clothing in new ways, it will seem as though your entire wardrobe is refreshing and new.

So before you walk out the door in that solid tee put on a necklace. If you finally put on that cute floral dress that has been sitting in your closet because you don’t know what to pair with it, throw on a brightly colored cardigan or even a striped one over it! I never just wear A top or A dress. I always need something to compliment it whether it be an accessory or outerwear. Clothes seem so much more interesting when complimented by another piece whether its a contrasting color, print, or fabric. Even just putting on a cute pair of earrings or dramatic necklace will do the trick. Don’t ever wear single pieces should practically be my style life motto.

In closing, I hope this post has got you dreaming of outfits and has opened the door to your own creative experience of the fashion world. So go to that closet of yours and start pairing outfits!

until next time,

stay cute,stay sweet.


marcy b

ps. on a side note saturday was also the 8 year anniversary of my husband and i! yay for love right?! to all you single gals, i only hope you one day find your soul mate because when you do, life feels perfect. for all you ladies who have found yours, you already know what i am talking about 🙂


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