Summer Dreaming

   Hello everyone,
Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday, I am beat and I bet you are too. But lately I have found myself dreaming and very much anticipating the summer for a few weeks now. It is by far my favorite time of year because I love summer time colors and warm weather. For me it means sun dresses, sandals, swimming, sunshine, cute shorts that make your butt look good, airy-light tops, sunglasses, swimsuits, beach trips, sun kissed skin, cute hats, anddddd my list could go on forever! Long story short, summer is my favorite. Haha.

What makes summer even better this year are the styles that are trending. The color pallette is bright and I am loving the Bohemian and Aztec flair of it all. Bold prints, colors, floral, and fringe. I love the tribal, deserty, romantic, and youthful look. It is so comfy and cute. Here are some pieces I really love and I hope they inspire you too.

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b

Summer Dream

AX Paris strapless gown
$46 –

Summer t shirt

ONLY denim shirt
$25 –


Rare London fringe top
$31 –

Knit top

H&m pants
$31 –

$265 –

Monki evening pants
$33 –

Pull Bear pull bear
$40 –

Scotch Soda scotch soda
$91 –

Valentino handbag

Silk shawl
$115 –

Long sleeve blouse

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