Tough Love

 Well hi everyone!
I am guilty of slacking on my posts, I do apologize. Since Summer has began I have been doing a little bit of traveling. And, not to mention my schedule has been a little crazy. This week was the start of overnight shifts at my place of employment, we are recreating the store with fresh new summer concepts.
So I am a little tired to say the least, but here I am regardless. 🙂
Lately I have really been into the trend of mixing hard and soft, masculine with feminine, girly and boyish. I created this inspiration for you all to hopefully get you thinking of pieces you can add to your own wardrobe.
Tough Love

Also, I wanted to share with you a few outfits I came up with on my own,  showcasing how to mix textiles, colors, and styles. Looks that are edgy and girly at the same time.

Here is Look 1:picstitch

Oversized Military Cargo Jacket: Old Navy, Summer Lace Dress:Verta’ge (local), Jewelry: Forever 21 and vintage hand me downs, Tribal Flats: American Eagle
Look 2:
picstitch copy
Studded Tank: Urban Outfitters, Tribal Mini Skirt: Verta’ge (local), Turquoise Bead & Feather Necklace: Verta’ge (local), Combat boots: Forever 21
Look 3:
picstitch copy 2
Chiffon Studded Black Blouse: Forever 21, Lace Cream High Waist Shorts: Verta’ge (local), Glittery Stone Necklace: Burke’s Outlet, Mint Fringe Sandals: Verta’ge (local)
photo 5 copy
Much love from a tired, stressed me.
I hope this made your day a little bit brighter. Happy Wednesday and have a fashionably, fun rest of the week.
Until next time.
stay cute, stay sweet.
marcy b


  1. janie · · Reply

    I know those lace shorts!)

    1. Hahahah thanks for fixing that zipper for me, I couldn’t get rid of these for anything.

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