Well hi!!!!

I feel so horrible because I have been slacking on posts. So I have personally challenged myself to post an outfit of the day, everyday this week, at least up until Friday!! It is going to be a challenge, but hopefully I can do it.

The last few weeks have been crazy, I hope you can’t say the same. Whatever happened to summer being mello?!?!?

On a positive note though, I am just getting back from the beautiful, white sands of Florida!! And I celebrated my one year wedding anniversary with my babe. 😀

photo 3-1

I don’t think I was quite prepared for the reality of my everyday life and schedule to slam me on this magnificent Monday. hahaha. Lets just say bedtime can’t come soon enough.

Moving on…..I always feel so great reading everyone’s reaction to just seeing my outfits and hearing my opinion on things. So I really want to share everyday with you, what I wear. Here is today, I am without my handy-dandy photographer (aka my husband) so I unfortunately had to take mirror pictures but to make it interesting I did it outside. No lighting is better than natural lighting. Here’s a look at me today in a very, very hot temperature. (Gotta love LA)

photo 1-1

According to the weather forecast it was suppose to rain, and I hate being cold and/or wet which is why I went for a cozy fringe cardigan and closed in combat boots.

photo 2-1

I have a hard time wearing just ONE necklace. The chunky one was a hand-me down from my grandmother and the beaded one was given to me by my most favorite family member. 😉


photo c

I have big feet.

photo 2-2

I love the back of this top, perfect for this hot season and this picture was kind of an accident. I think I snapped the button while I was moving around. But I had a hard time maneuvering myself, awkwardly to snap these so I hope you enjoyed!

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b


  1. Angie Jock · · Reply

    And who would that be, “your favorite family member?”

    1. Mama Angie, I wasn’t referring to you but mom and dad are a given as favorite they are above the count. Bubs gave me that necklace ☺

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