Leather in this Weather

photo 4good morning loves,
Hope your week is going great. Today is my last day of unemployment, I have found a new career! It’s kind of bitter sweet, but on to what I really need to share!
I know some of you have probably noticed in the stores lately and over the summer, clothing is being made with leather details or even completely out of leather. Totally crazy that leather is being showcased in the summer right?
Spring-Summer Trend for 2013 3
But regardless, I find this trend amusing and even fun. Here is my take on the trend, hope you like it.
photo 5 copy 2
Chiffon studded top with high waisted fringe leather skirt, feather earrings, dark shades, and gladiator sandals.
photo 2-7
photo 3-5
so friends, I urge you to not be afraid in playing with this trend because it is a great one to lead us to the fall. Fashion is a fun outlet that can bring a lot of joy not just to yourself, but others! Experiment with leather and you won’t regret it.
until next time,
stay cute, stay sweet.
marcy b

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