Worn out Wednesday

good evening friends, and happy hump day. As this week is almost over, I am feeling wiped out and I hope you are all hanging in there better than myself.


I am a week into the new jobbie job and I am like a new born baby. Taking in so much information I need a nap. haha. I hate this weird transitional stage of newness and nervousness. Also, I think I am dealing with such a dramatic life change Β in regards to my career thus far. I know some of you must have gone through this phase in their life, or will at some point. Let me tell you, it isn’t very fun. I am so ready for the weekend just to catch my breath, but I do love my new job. I am just more awkward than I usually am because I am new to this office environment.

If you are having a rough week, I hope these happy pictures brighten it up. To feel happy you have to surround yourself with positive energy. To realize the greater things in life and that your happiness is more important than the tidbits of crap we get loaded down with on a daily basis. You only have one life to live, so live it to the fullest!

Scroll down now to feel HAPPYYYYYYYY πŸ˜€

photo 1-10photo 2-10

photo 1-2

photo 1-9

photo 2-9

photo 3-8

photo 4-3

photo 4-2

photo 3-7

photo 2-8

photo 3-6

sea shells, Starbucks, fashion, cookies, Christmas, flowers…. these are a few of my favoriteeeeee thingssssss! ha

happy wednesday pals

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b


  1. Great… now I want chocolate chip cookies. πŸ˜‰ The beginning of a new job was always SO awkward & nerve racking for me. It’s been a while since I’ve had a typical day job now. I’m sure you’ll do great!

    1. Ha! Sorry Laura there is never a time when I DON’T want cookies lol. But thanks for the encouragement! I appreciate it and I like your blog too btw! Xoxo

  2. Pretty pictures!!

    Check my blog out, I’m a new blogger for Peepers.

    1. I’m fairly new as well, good job so far I like your blog! And thank you πŸ˜€

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