Sunday Funday

Howdy Ho my friends,

It is Tuesday!! Hope your week is going great thus far. Mine is going swell, I am really liking the new job. I have to admit I think part of my good mood is due to the fact that I had a really nice weekend with my hubby buddy! Haha, I know I am so cheesy, but its true.

I love taking time to appreciate one another, you know how it is being in a long term relationship. You are up each others butts 24/7 and you kind of start to disconnect even though you are right next to one another. Then one day your eyes are opened and you realize oh, hey you are really awesome! 🙂 Take time to appreciate the blessing in your life, best advice I can give anyone and everyone.

I will share with you a bit of my Sunday.

We started the day off right, mass first and Cafe Du Monde coffee after!photo 1-12

Here is what I wore! This dress fits me so perfect, finally a maxi that hits the ground on me! I am too tall for most I own and my awkward ankles are exposed.

photo 2-13

photo 3-12

This print just melts me.

photo 1-13

One can NEVER go wrong with Turquoise jewels.

photo 2-14

Dress, Cardigan, Necklace: Forever 21. Suede Sandals: Urban Outfitters.

Thanks for the love and stay tuned, I already have another post in the works.

Have a great night and until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b


  1. Great advice! Looove the maxi dress on you.

    1. Thanks Laura! You always make my day ;D

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