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Hi all,I am always talking about color, adding color, mixing color, and yada, yada. But tonight I wanted to emphasize a lack there of…What I mean is the significance of the  color black. For decades now, the color black has been THE staple of fashion. Regardless of trends, black has always and will always stand as the most classic and chic color of all time.Black
Here is my take on all black. A peplum top with black straight slacks.
photo 3-13
White Filigree necklace from a beloved friend/sister of mine. ;D
photo 4-5
You know in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy steps out of her house into Munchkin Land and everything is in color and you are instantly in complete awe and wonder of how beautiful her surroundings are.
Well I think the same emotion can be felt in black and white. Its classic and distinguishable. You notice things that you maybe wouldn’t  have before. Hence the expression its black or white, this or that.
photo-15 copy
Not to mention black is also slimming, very much a plus.
until next time,
stay cute, stay sweet.
marcy b


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    1. Hey thanks for the comment but is this an accident? haha

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