little black dress

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Happy, happy, happy Saturday! Ahh yes, the weekend has begun. I want to share a different kind of post with you all today. I am going  to show you how to mix and match. A lot of people always say they have nothing to wear, or think for a special event they have to go buy something new. When they may own something that can be worn in a different way and seem like new.

One great example of a basic piece that EVERY girl should own is a…..

photo 3-38

Whether your “LBD” is top of line designer, or from Target, it doesn’t matter! Get one if you don’t own one already. It can be dressed up or down, is fashionable  regardless of the season, and doesn’t have to correlate with current trends. Its timeless, chic, and classic.

Here is 3 ways that I style my LBD, I hope you approve.

photo 2-46

Option 1 is dressy! Wedding, party, dinner. Whatever it is! Black is always formal. A cute necklace and a pair of heels, you can’t go wrong.

photo 1-46

photo 1-47

Option 2 is casual layering. Short boots, a cardigan, and scarf. This dressed down look is great for a lunch date, running errands, or just hanging out!

photo 2-45

photo 3-41

Sorry guys, could NOT stop laughing for this last shot. Ha-ha. Option 3 is kind of an artist, grungy, and vintage look. A kind of laid back vibe. This is  a great weekend look, at least I think so.  An open plaid shirt with layered necklaces, a beanie, and oxfords.

photo 3-39

So there is my advice to you on learning how to mix up your wardrobe to get more outfits out of it!

Hope I inspired you and please do have a fabulous weekend.

photo 3-40

Thanks so much for reading, I am glad you did.

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.

marcy b


  1. Love all your ideas. Very cute!

    1. Thank you I’m glad you enjoyed! 😉

  2. I love that dress. And you are an example of a perfect human specimen, man are you gorgeous!

    ❤ Naa

    1. Girl! omgoodness you are like too sweet. Wow that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever told me thank you so much. You just made me smile and I love your blog by the way!! xoxoxo Thanks for the love. 🙂

  3. Love outfit three!

    1. Thanks!!! I think 3 is my fav too 😀

  4. Love 2 and 3 they look very chic.

    1. Thank you so much! I think I like 3 the most!

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