Flowing Fashion

It’s Monday! Hope you all had a nice weekend. Friday night we went out with friends. I am such a homebody so it was a pleasant change to spend a night on the town. 🙂  Here I am getting ready!

photo 3-9

We went to a blues and rock bar downtown.

photo 1-8

This band played classic rock, which we both love, and a few newer songs. They were great.

photo 2-9

The real reason of this post though, is to share with you my newest and most FAVORITE fall piece. It is this magnificent, indigo shawl. It flows like liquid and wraps around your frame like a soft blanket. Of course it takes courage to wear because you will get stares, but I always insist….love it, then wear it!!

photo 1-49

I am really excited for fall because I love being able to layer and that is NOT an option in the summer, unless you want to sweat to death, down here in the south.

photo 3-43

The pictures don’t do the colors justice.

photo 3-42

It flows in the wind, creating great drama. Who doesn’t love a little drama?

photo 2-47

This fall you should invest in a cute oversized cardigan or shawl yourself! I am wearing a pair of black denim shorts and striped tee, but look at the effect of  what an outer garment can make.

photo 1-48

Stay tuned dears! There is definitely more to come this week.

photo 2-48

thanks for reading!

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b


    1. thank you! I really like it too. 😀

  1. Love your hair and the cardigan!!

    1. Omgoodness thank you, my hair is crazy. It is kind of culry, but I try playing with it a little by curling it more with a curling iron. Its all over the place, but thanks again!! And thank you for reading!! xoxo

  2. Loving this look. Love the cardigan and the boots too.

    1. Thank you both are from forever 21, I can’t keep away from that place! LOL

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