Saturday Love

Hello Friends,

photo 1-58

Sorry! I feel like I kind of fell off the map there. I have been busy! This weekend was another visit home and I got to spend some time with this sweet boy, Emmett!


I am so excited for a change of weather. It is finally somewhat cool here, so refreshing compared to the heat.

photo 2-57

Saturday I got my hair done! My roots were a nightmare and I cut off three inches! It feels so good.

Unfortunately, in the process of packing for the weekend, I forgot something very essential…MAKEUP! So all weekend, I had to dab into my sister’s! HAHA But that is why my face is covered above.

photo 3-51

Here is a favorite piece of mine. Call me an old lady, but my vest is from an antique fair. It is hand made, crochet, with pockets! Its super cozy and I love layering it over anything.

photo 1-57

This dress has my favorite colors in it and the print is really interesting. Plus, the extra length at the back is a plus since I am tall I like some extra coverage.

photo 4-17

My necklace was for my grandmother. It is black, cream, and grey pearls. Even though my dress is busy, because the necklace is neutral colors it still works. Never fear mixing jewelry with busy clothing.

photo 2-56

Detail shot 😀

photo 3-50

I have much more to come this week! So please stay tuned, thanks for reading. Have a great day tomorrow!

Good night!

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b


  1. Love the bohemian feel of the vest…great outfit!

    1. Thank you girl!! xo

  2. That little boy looks adorable. Love the first picture.

    1. Aww thank you so much! He’s the sweetest baby ever!

  3. Nice pics. Love your style too.😀

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