Ready for a Surprise!

Hello my dear readers,

To show my appreciation to you all for always reading and always complimenting my posts, I want to do something for you!


I am a little burnt out on writing blog posts on myself. So find me on Instagram, repost your favorite picture of me, and tag @sweetmagnoliachic. Then tell your friends to follow me and you will be entered for a chance to have your very own post on my blog.

The winner will receive a list of questions to answer about themselves and will also send me a few pictures wearing one of their favorite outfits.

Want some attention yourself? You don’t have to love fashion, just show the world who YOU are! I am so excited to see who wins!

To make it fair, I promise your names will go into a hat. I will announce the winner tomorrow, Friday, at 8 P.M. Central Time via here and Instagram.

I love you all, and good luck!

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b


  1. Can’t wait to read the winner. I’d do this but i don’t have instagram and i’m hiding a bad bleach job. lol. your style is so chic, carry on

    1. Oh I’m sure you look great! Thank you!

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