It’s Friday, Friends!!

Hi everyone, it appears I fell off the radar for a few days. I have been crazy busy, unfortunately. Here I am now though! Which means another OOTD post is here. 🙂 These photos were taken one afternoon when the weather was amazing. photo 4-23

I love wearing my hair back since it is constantly in my face, doing nothing but frizzing sometimes. LOL

photo 1-70

I know you are thinking, this girl has another pair of fringe boots?!? But, like I said I love fringe and these are taller than my ankle fringe boots. I like having options and variety.

photo 2-68

This sweater has a crochet feel to it which makes me think of winter. I love it, even though it has an open seam finish it is still very warm.

photo 3-61

I get so many compliments on this headband. I love that it is so small. It is just enough detail to really complete any outfit.

photo 2-67

This skirt is so, very old. But it is one of those pieces that never really has a set trend period. By this I mean it is very basic, so its ok to hold on to certain pieces of clothing for a while. UNLESS it is a mega trend that has died, then you need to let it go. My worst nightmare that still crosses my path every few months….gauchos! Please throw your wide, baggy capri, shapeless pants away. Thanks. 😉

photo 1-69

I know I sound abrasive at times, I am just passionate…and blunt. LOL

photo 3-60

Well I hope you enjoyed this quick little blast! Happy Friday, right!?! Hope you have a fabulous weekend. I will write again soon, so stay tuned loves.

Thanks for reading.

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b


  1. Love the lippy!

    1. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Keep rocking the fringe boots, you can never have too many!

    1. 😊thanks! I totally agree! Glad you feel the same and thanks for reading xoxo

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