Friday Favorites for Fall!

Happy Friday and TGIF! I hope you all had a great Halloween last night and didn’t get too crazy. I had a very laid back one this year, which was nice.

photo (1)

Here is a little OOTD peek for you, I took an elevator mirror pic. while running the mail. 😉

Today I want to start something new, called my “Friday Favorites”. I may not be able to post EVERY Friday this way, but it will be a quick hello, along with a brief look into some of my favorite trends, products, etc!

Since today is November 1st, I want to share my favorite things for fall. If you want to know more information on these trends, please feel free to click on the pictures. They are all linked, just for you. 😀


Nothing says gorgeous like a dramatic, bold eye!


The best part of fall is being able to wear a ton of accessories. Like warm socks, leggings, tights, scarfs, gloves, hats, boots. I just love being all bundled up.


A lot of people think sequins are gaudy, but I think they are so fun. If worn right, it can really be a cute, festive look. Great for going out and holidays.

4I have always been one to love shimmer and sheen. Metallic nails are edgy and unexpected.


Here is one thing I just can’t get enough of. Chunky sweaters look great with anything and are the most comfortable piece of clothing! It is just like being wrapped up in a blanket, all day. Who doesn’t want to experience that?!

So there you have five quick Friday Favorites.

It is taking every bone in my body, to resist the urge to shop! I never need clothes, but new clothes are so much fun. Hopefully, YOU can enjoy these trends and splurge a little. I know every once in while, a treat here and there is a great thing. 🙂 Hope you have a fabulous weekend and I will post again very soon!

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b


  1. Love the post and your boots!

    1. Thank you!! Xo

  2. Love the cozy layering going on here! When it’s chilly out, the best way to stay warm is to do exactly as you stated here: Layer UP!
    Trèsors De Luxe
    { }

    1. Thank you and I love your latest post btw😊

  3. Love the sweater/cape/cardi you are wearing in your elevator selfie – super cute!

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