Busy Boho

photo 2-93

Hello lovely readers and happy hump day! Only 2 more days until the weekend and Saturday is the big day!

The winner of the kensie giveaway is going to announced!

For more details check out my previous post.


Right now I want to pop in and share a quick OOTD. This is what I wore to run some errands with the hubby buddy Saturday. Yes! I just said hubby buddy and yes, I totally would wear this on a day of running errands.

photo 3-85

If a flower grows in a forest, does it not bloom because no one is there to see it? I am here to tell you yes, it blooms. Whether you see it, or not.

photo 3-86

Point being, I feel most comfortable in clothes that I love whether anyone sees me, or not.

I don’t like running around in sweats, unless I am feeling under the weather. I feel most comfortable in flowy light weight materials just like this outfit.

photo 4-41

It’s perfect for running around because it is easy to move in. It’s not constricting, or tight so I can get where I need to. The back is a tulip finish. I love it so much.

photo 5-9

The sleeves are really what sold me though. That extra little detail is what I LOVE. Just that little bit of trim defines the line between just being A black top and THE black top. You know what I mean. LOL

photo 2-94

I paired it with these two, gold necklaces.

photo 1-96

Details: Top-Love Culture. Skirt-Target. Flats-Sam & Libby line @ Target. Jewelry-Vintage. Shades-Urban Outfitters. Tote-Michael Kors.

Oh and p.s. check out how my blog landed on kensie.com


To enter my giveaway repost this picture and include @sweetmagchic on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

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photo 5-10

Thank you for reading, I love you for it! Good luck to you, in winning my kensie giveaway!

photo 1-94

stay tuned, always more fun to come.

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b


  1. Gorgeous makeup!

    1. Thank you! Xo

  2. Wow, you are truly beautiful. Love your style! ♥

    1. Thank you so much! xox Thanks for reading!

  3. I really like the sleeves on this as well! This looks so comfortable and relaxed yet stylish and fashionable what more could a girl ask for!
    Burberry DIY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YKOWApRKVQ
    Fashion Blog: http://middayspritzer.com/

    1. THANKS! I totally agree with you! haha

  4. You are my favorite blog! Love the writing and the fashion photos!

    1. Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoy it I really appreciate it! Thanks for making me smile 😀 xoxo

  5. Love the makeup, you’re really pretty! 😊

    1. Thank you so much! Thanks for stopping by and following me. 😀 I am following back. xoxo

      1. Thank you I really appreciate it! 😊

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