Monday is for Merry.

photo 3-101

Happy Monday friends, it’s December now so I feel like it is appropriate that I now show you all our apartment decor. The above picture was taken at 9am in the morning. Yes I am drinking an Icee. It was a necessary must on Black Friday. My sister and I decided to attack the deals but not until 7 am. LOL It was fun and we scored some great finds, while bypassing the madness of the early birds.


This was the first year in 5 years that I was actually off and could enjoy the shopping instead of being engulfed in it.

I want to share some favorite photos taken over the last few days as well! Here is a cup of hot cocoa had over laughs with my family on Friday night. 🙂

photo 4-52

My turkey and I…

photo 5-1

Here is the sweetest little chunk of baby that you could ever lay eyes on! My sweet, sweet Emmett Paul. Tomorrow he is 5 months old. I couldn’t squeeze him enough over the weekend.

photo 1-108

He is perfect in every sense of the word.

So now here is your sneak peek into our crazy Christmas decor. 

photo 2-106

If you hate Christmas I suggest you leave my blog now. 🙂

photo 1-111

I have three Christmas trees and two nativity scenes.

photo 1-110

The more the merrier, totally applies to Christmas decorations. HAHA. 
photo 1-109

This is my lady tree. It was my tree before living with the hub. 

photo 2-108

This lighting is above our table that is covered with a snowflake tablecloth, not shown here. 

photo 2-107

I love tinsel, yet again something that can seem tacky. I love sparkle!

photo 3-100

Travis and I have decided to start this tradition of buying a house each year to create the village you see below. These pieces are pricey, I know we are totally insane. But how cute is our town so far?! We purchased three this year to start.

photo 3-99

Here is a close up of the brightest one. 

photo 4-53

Yes, we have little people…and cats. LOL.

photo 4-55

 More lights and tinsel. 

photo 5-14

My Santa Christmas countdown and old fashion, bear cookie jar! (Which was actually chosen by my husband, unexpected right?)

photo 5-12

Our tree is very traditional and huge. 🙂

photo 4-54

It’s wrapped in lights, ribbons, and adorned with ornaments and poinsettia flowers. 

photo 5-13

My cute, vintage Santa candles, that my family claims are creepy. I think they are adorable. 

photo 2-105

I have already started wrapping gifts. 😀

photo 2-12

photo 3-98

This is the truth! I hope you enjoyed this post on my crazy obsession with the Christmas season. I just can’t help myself. Even as I type now, I am watching the Santa Clause on ABC Family. 

thanks for reading! I love you for it. 

until next time, 

stay cute, stay sweet. 


marcy b


  1. Your blog is so much fun!

    1. Thanks Mrs. Jackie! I’m so glad you are enjoying it. 🙂

  2. I love your “more the merrier” Christmas decor mantra. I’m adopting it!

    1. Thank you! I am glad you appreciate my fanatic obsession with the season of Christmas! It really is a fun thing though! Thanks so much for reading! xoxo

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