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Happy Thursday everyone! If you are like me, you are not loving this moment in time. You know that transitional phase… It’s not really winter anymore, but it’s not quite spring either. The time is going to be changing on Saturday. The weather is bouncing from hot to cold. In my personal life, I am about to transition into new living arrangements and I am surrounded by boxes. I should not complain because I am truly blessed and fortunate to have everything and everyone that I do.

But when my life finally slows down, IF it ever does slow down I look forward to refreshing my wardrobe. Since leaving the retail industry, I am sadly no longer surrounded by clothes on a daily basis. I don’t see the trends fresh off the runway as easily because I don’t have much time to go shopping! I am really looking forward to freshening up my closet AS SOON as the opportunity presents itself.

I wanted to share some inspirational themes I created for myself via my polyvore.

These are four major themes of my wardrobe and style, they are looks and ideas that I like to replicate and express in what I wear.

Sometimes looking at trends and magazines are the best way to really get fresh ideas and regroup your own personal style to better reflect how you are feeling and what you want your style/outfit to say about you. People see your outfit before you even open your mouth to speak. Your clothes speak first, so let them speak nicely. ;D


You guys know I love vintage and sweet looks with a twist of flair. I am all for bold makeup, flowing hair styles, and floral ANYTHING.


 I love leopard print, but I like the overall vibe of the jungle fever trend. The safari like style is easy going and effortless. It makes a bold statement without you really having to try.


I love an almost gothic and retro all black style. It screams timeless and high fashion. All black everything is glamorous and edgy no matter the occasion, or season. I love playing with black to create a look that really speaks for itself. This vibe definitely screams confident and stylish. Like, “I dare you to look at me”.


Now this last theme, you know how I feel about the ocean. I wish I were a mermaid, always have, always will. Nothing feels better than wearing shorts and a tank top while being under the gleaming sun. Wearing bright colors makes me happy and so does warm weather. Having this easy going beach vibe is always a great outlook on life to have year round. This kind of Bob Marley, “Don’t worry, be happy” mentality is what I feel when I see these looks.

I hope you found inspiration from the things that inspire me! Here is to a fresh new season and new wardrobe in the near future you guys, for ALL of us hopefully!

But before I go, I have been meaning to showcase a fabulous online, boutique of a dear friend of mine’s, called


It is a clothing boutique offering cute and fashion forward styles for reasonable prices. It is owned and operated by the cute and fashionable Kara Sanchez of NOLA. Her prices are reasonable to begin with, but they also include tax and shipping. Check out her cute shop for all of your spring fashion needs!


Her girly and fun personality definitely shine through her product line. It’s super bubbly and fashion forward, I am looking forward to making a purchase soon myself.

You can follow Ariels World on Facebook







Thanks for reading, hope you found my ideas helpful. Stay tuned, there is always more fun to come.

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet


marcy b


    1. thanks dear! 🙂 xo

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