Wednesday Wishes



Hi again! I am so sorry… I try to blog every other day AT the LEAST and I haven’t been. Yet even still, you guys had me feeling the love with  notification after notification on my phone of likes, new followers, and sweet comments. I can’t tell you enough HOW MUCH your attention means to me. I love that I am making you smile, or giving you new ideas, or just making your day a little brighter.

I am still bursting at the seams with excitement to hopefully go on a shopping spree one day soon and I wanted to share with you guys some trends I am dreaming about. For more info see my polyvore.



If you remember, I showcased white as one of my favorite trends for winter, but I feel the same way about white in spring. It is so simple, classic, and chic. Every year I look forward to wearing white and cream lace in the warm weather. For me, I associate pretty weather and good times with white linen and lace.

2. Multicolored necklace


 I am obsessed with statement necklaces, IF you have not already noticed. However, I am IN LOVE with these multi colored ones. Every statement piece I own is one color, but I love color so the more the merrier! It can add instant flair to anything you pair it with.

3. Boots


I wear boots year round, and this winter was a long and rough one. Which means my boots were worn to death and I am unfortunately having to tell two pairs goodbye, I have worn them to the point of breaking. It is a sad fact, but it also means they need to be replaced. LOL I am looking for some short cuties!

4. Shirt Dress


This is one of my most favorite pieces. It has got to be the easiest and most essential thing every girl needs! No need for a slip, or worrying about lines showing. A shirt dress is the perfect balance of dressy and casual depending on what you pair it with. A scarf, a blazer, a necklace, flats, heels, anything. It’s comfortable and easy while still fashionable.

So there are a few things I have on my mind, to say the least. Finally wrapping up in the moving process and looking forward to my normal pace of life returning soon! Which also means more time for blogging. YAY! Have a great night guys and hope to pop in real soon!

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet


marcy b


  1. I love this! What a great blog you have! xx

    1. Thanks for all the love! Glad you like. 🙂 xoxo

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