April Showers


Bring May Flowers, or so the expression goes. I love spring, but I am not in love with pollen, or rain! Two major components of this season. 🙂 I wanted to share my outfit with you guys, but it was raining outside so I tried my best to make the most of the situation and stood out in the rain.

photo 3

This is actually an outfit I wore to work. I love this sheer button down and I paired this one with skinny black slacks, a striped cardigan, and crochet flats.


It was freezing and I had to try my hardest to prevent the wind from blowing my umbrella out of my hands.


This necklace is actually one that has been in my jewelry box for a while now and I just rediscovered it. Don’t you just love when you forget about something you own and then fall in love with it all over again?

photo 2

I try to buy pieces that can be worn to work, but also on my down time. It is all about styling, if you know HOW and WHEN to wear WHAT you are set to look cute all the time!

photo 4

Hope you have a great night and weekend. Keep it classy friends.

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet


marcy b


  1. sistasfromcali · · Reply

    We look this outfit it’s very cute. Your necklace ties the outfit together very well!

    1. Thank you! I love bright colors, ESPECIALLY any shade of pink. 😀

  2. Ah! I love your shirt and necklace! I love how all the color is up near your face because you’re glowing and it’s so pretty.


    1. Thank you so much, I love wearing bright colors, pink is my absolute favorite. Thanks for checking out my blog, I really appreciate it! xoxo

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