Counting down

Counting down the birthday of Sweet Magnolia Chic is so much more fun than counting down my own birthday like I use to do as a child. LOL It’s no fun counting after you turn 21. Moving right along…we are one day closer to my blogging birthday. Time for more sharing on my next 6 favorite outfit post.


I love this printed blouse, the design is so unique. I could not wait to style it. It has an Egyptian vibe to it! Hence the name of this post, Walk like an Egyptian.


This mint high low dress is so soft in color and to the touch. It’s a great staple piece because you style it many different ways.


I love this color though more than anything. See more at Marvelous Mint.


This next outfit post of mine was styled around my new fringe booties. I love these to death, I am actually wearting them today. I am a sucker for fringe ANYTHING.


You can see more shots of this post at Fab Fringe.


This next share was all about my scarf, if I let myself do it..I could wear a scarf everyday. I love scarves not only for their comfort effect, but also because they really top off any outfit. Fall was just beginning and I could not wait to start layering my wardrobe.


See it at Scarf Season.


This next outfit is a great example of  what to wear on a rainy day that requires you to still look decent. I know when the weather is lousy I want nothing to do with anything other than sweats.


I have somewhat curly hair and the minute moisture hits the air, my hair is a puff ball so having on a hat is key for me. I also don’t like getting my feet wet so boots are a must on rainy days. Too many times I have found myself in cute, but exposed shoes and I hate having wet shoes on all day. This was my Rotten Weather Wednesday post.


Last for today, but certainly not least… my knee high and hot post. I was so anxious for fall and winter to be here so that I could wear these bad boys. Little did I know how harsh the winter was going to be, but I love this outfit. My top is so unique. I strongly advise you to always buy things that are rare and unusual looking because they turn into your favorite pieces.

I hope you enjoyed round 2 of my fashion countdown to Friday.

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b

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