Birthday Eve

Yay! Only one more day until Sweet Magnolia Chic is one year old. That also means one more day until the weekend. Hope you all have fabulous Easter weekend plans arranged and hopefully nice weather forecasted as well! Now for my next 6 favorite outfit posts. These six are potentially my TOP 6 as a matter of fact.


First on the list is my Evening of Embellishment post.


This outfit featured little details like a pearl trimmed collar and fringe skirt.

photo 1-87

This next outfit post is funny actually. I sort of had a Wizard of Oz moment this Saturday. I put together this outfit and went to an art fair in town, my husband insisted on taking a photo under the rainbow balloons.

photo 5-4

My leggings paired with my red boots look just like the witch’s that Dorothy’s house landed on.

photo 2-84

I love stripes paired with color.

photo 2-88

This post was one of my favorites because it was my very first giveaway with the brand kensie.
photo 5-10

My cuckoo for kensie post was a blast and I LOVE my dress. I was so excited to be able to share this with you and give you the chance of winning something too!

photo 4-49

So as you know, I love layering and this lush, faux leopard jacket is one of my favorite layering pieces. It really makes a statement, am I right?


This post was my cute, fur real OTTD. 😀

photo 1-106

This next post was my OOTD for Thanksgiving.

photo 2-104

I LOVE this top. I know some of you probably think its disgusting, but I was on the hunt for an authentic 80’s sequin top and scored this one on ebay for $15! It looked like it had maybe been worn once, if that. I of course hand washed it before wearing it. Winter IS the season of sequins, time to get festive!

photo 3-103

I LOVE this sweater, the Union Jack is such a fun print and it was perfect for this day. It was freezing out.

Thanks for stopping by, I will post again tomorrow of course!

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b


  1. Happy early 1 year pretty girl! Mine’s coming up in June:)


    1. aw thanks girlie! 😀

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