Current Summer Obsessions

Hello again friends! I want to share with you the things I am thinking about and shopping for. I am really on a kick to reboot my wardrobe and as usual I am trying to decorate our home! I love to shop, so really these aren’t issues for me.
summer cravings
1. oversized ponchos, NOT to be confused with the kimono trend. I had a kimono about two years ago, been there done that. Not feeling it too much, don’t be offended if you own one please. Just telling you MY personal stance on this trend. 🙂 Wear what you want because clearly that is what I do.
2. ankle boots, perfect for wearing year round.
3.  succulents, or plants in general! I am finding out that adding greenery to the home really adds a level of coziness. I have a mini succulent, jade plant, two small potted flowers, and a tropical spiky plant that I don’t know the scientific name of, but I like the way it looks! 😀 HAHA This time of year is perfect for having a green thumb, lots of things are in bloom.
4. basic tees, in this hot weather… I find myself reaching for light cottons and simple fabrics that breathe.
5. Maybelline Baby Lips, if you don’t own one stick of these balms, go get one now! It’s like wearing a colored chap stick. Being outdoors more causes my lips to get really dry, but this colored balm is the perfect remedy.
6. decorative picture frames, these are the perfect pieces to add pizzazz to your pad! Not to mention great for sharing memories of your sweetest moments. 🙂
7. printed pants, they can be fitted, palazzo, whatever. I am crushing on printed pants! Tribal, Aztec, floral, geometric, I love them all.

Rag Bone t shirt

Monki loose fit pants
$20 –

Zara Home frame

Succulent pot

Hope you have a fabulous night friends! stay tuned for more fun to come.
until next time,
stay cute, stay sweet.
marcy b


  1. I love Mara Hoffman! Her bathing suits are just as awesome!!
    Great summer collections!

    1. Aw thanks! I love her too. 🙂

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