Stripes and Pleats

Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is flying by the way mine is. 🙂 HAHA. Here is an outfit of mine from the other day. This 3/4 sleeve striped cotton dress is a dream. No slip needed, super comfy, no ironing required. LOVE IT. I love basic dresses like this one and you can never go wrong with stripes. I paired it with my navy sandals and gigantic statement necklace that just never gets old. At least not to me it doesn’t. Enjoy.

photo 2

photo 1photo 5photo 3photo 4

Thanks for reading! Love you for it, have a great night.

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b


  1. I love itttt 😀 the criss cross of the dress and the necklace.

    1. Thank you! Yes very unique! 😀

  2. Love your style and your hair color! Have a great week ❤

    1. Thank you! Yes! My hair is red now. I am getting use to it. 🙂 xox

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