Leopard and Blues

Hello everyone! So I am pumped about my giveaway, I hope you entered already. See my previous post about it here. It has been quite a while now that I shared another OOTD with you! So here is one now. Whoever said leopard could only be worn with neutrals is wrong. In my book, leopard IS a neutral. I mean brown and black? YES. So I paired my beloved leopard skinnies with these navy sandals and mint blouse. The mint and navy really play up one another since they are in the same color family.

photo 2photo 1

photo 2

photo 1

photo 3photo 4

photo 3

Thanks for stopping by, hope I inspired you! Stay tuned for more fun to come of course.

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b


  1. 😀 you always end up looking so pretty ❤ Love your hair


    1. You are so sweet girl! Thank you! xoxox

  2. The Edgy Alternative · · Reply

    I love your sunnies!!!

    1. Thanks so much! They were a gift and I was very hesitant at first towards them, but I love them now!

  3. Love the play on colors! Cute sandals!


    1. Thanks! I love your blog btw! You are stunning!

      1. thank you! No more stunning than you are! you hair color is everything !

      2. AWW thank you! I am actually about to go BACK to blonde! 😀

      3. I saw from your IG, blond looks great! I think I’ll try a color sometime in the fall!

      4. Thank you! I love playing with color, hair is just another accessory to me!

      5. Your welcome! I want to get to that point lol. I’ve had a copper-ish color before, but I usually stick to like jet black because I like how it shines. But I want to try something crazy, like navy blue.

      6. OOhhh that sounds awesome! You should go for it, even you do a semi-permanent color that fades! Just having it for a little while would be fun 🙂

      7. yeah it would! Thanks girl! lol

  4. Sophie Cherenfant · · Reply

    I love your sunglasses and you wore your leopard shinnies very well 🙂
    New Follower btw

    1. Thank you so much! xoxo

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