Friday Favorites for Fall 2014

CaptureHappy Friday love! Yay, yay its Friday. My favorite day of the week. So it has been a while since I did another edition of Friday Favorites and now is the time to note some more fall trends I am liking. A few weeks back I noted a few, but here are more that I stumbled upon. Please click on each trend image for more info on any of the items you see. I am so excited for fall, gosh!


The first is faux fur. Well, true fur is always trending for fall, but I don’t approve of real fur. You will truly agree with me if you ever do some research on how many animals it takes to make a coat, bag, etc. Also, watching videos of the process will break your heart as well. Back in college, one of our professors had us research the processes for leather and fur production. But faux fur is just as fun and its made from fabric, no harm to bunnies! 😀


Fair isle print, LOVE IT! There is something so cheery and cute about this colorful and patterned look.


Western is something new for sure, but I am loving this trend as well. I am a southern girl so this works perfectly for me. Fringe, suede, button downs, can’t go wrong.


Here is another trend that is always popular in autumn. Leather or pleather, whatever you choose. Again the leather process is a sad one, I don’t have a problem with wearing faux leather as long as it doesn’t look excessively cheap.


I love long cardigans so long coats is another win for me! It reminds me of the coats worn throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s so classy right?

There is a few trends that caught my eye and I thought I would share with you guys now that Fall is officially rolling in and you are possibly shopping for updates on your fall wardrobe!

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have an amazingly and fashion filled weekend.

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b



  1. I love your selection of winter outfits, especially a long coat like the pink one shown. I think it can be paired really well with white sweater, a pair of distressed denim and some strappy heels :). Who’s it from? – Lena

  2. Molly ( · · Reply
    1. Thank you! xoxo

  3. […] wide brim hat, and fringe booties. I previously wrote about fall trends, one of which being this western vibe which I love. What trend are you loving this […]

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