It’s been a while, be happy


Well hello again!  Hope this Monday treated you fairly. I know I am wiped out and the week is only just begun. Upon trying to decide what my latest post should be, it was an obvious answer. Time for another happy post! Last night I was really down, feeling homesick for my family. I don’t get that way very often, but when I do it really has me down in the dumps. It’s good for you to stop, take inventory of your life and remember the many things you have to be grateful for. So here is to you and feeling high on life! Scroll down for smiles, all images are courtesy of Google images. Now go…

4010904-186936__disney-world_p animal-memes-omg-cute-things-082712-04 audrey3 Chocolate-image-chocolate-36212107-1920-1061 fas Funny-Ecard-Baskin-Robbins gold halloween-candy happy-quote-rlrb-png hipster-disney-princess-meme-snow-white inspirational-quotes-11 lol marilyn menuCakesConfetti obey ok poo starbucks you-can-never-cross-the-ocea-unless-you-have-the-courage-to-lose-sight-of-the-shore-inspirational-quote

audrey-hepburn-wearing-hat-and-dress-designed-by-givenchy-photo-howell-conant-for-a-fashion-editorial-at-her-house-in-switzerland-in-february-1962 cute-puppy4 Live-Life-Quotes-Love-Quotes-Short-Inspirational-Quotes-Inspiring-Quotes-inspirational-quotes-inspiring-quotes

Thanks for reading, I hope you know it’s ok to not feel happy all the time… Because life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Have a wonderful night.

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b

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