Home Inspiration

Happy Wednesday everyone. Yes, we have made it to the middle of the week. Lately I have been on a home décor kick! Ever since the holidays ended I have been itching to finally complete the look of our home, mind you we have been in this house now for almost one year. From curtains, to rugs, lamps, accent tables, and wall décor. I can’t seem to get enough. Even the husband is getting involved and having a little fun with it. So, it was perfect timing when I found this unique brand Modani furniture. Here is my take on the perfect living room featuring clean lines.  Where metal meets wood, and vintage meets modern, with a pop of color of course. What do you think?
MODANI Living Room
Thanks for reading.
until next time,
stay cute, stay sweet.
marcy b


  1. Great Selection! I had a good laugh about ‘The Husband’ My girlfriends use that and it get me every time lol x

    1. HAHAH thanks girl. xo

  2. Aweee u look so pretty always 😀

    1. Thanks sweet heart! xoxo

  3. Unique selection…I really like the chair and the frame. Interesting to see how you put it all together. I have been in a crafty mood…I ‘m already thinking about cards and cookie gifts for Valentine’s Day…LOL

    1. Thank you! And so have I, I even purchased a few cute home decor heart shaped things. 😀

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