Woman Crush Wednesday, Part Two!!

Howdy friends, its Wednesday! I got the idea to post another woman crush edition because the first one I did forever ago is still getting lots of hits! You guys must crush over the same girlies I do! I love sharing with you who I like to follow and crush on because life is too short to not admire fellow ladies who are trying to spread positivity and good energy in this world we live in! All photos are courtesy of Google images. My first crush is, DUHHH….

1. Blake Lively

blakeFrom her impeccable style, flawless hair, and kind personality. I swear she is a fashion goddess. I still follow her on Preserve, which if you haven’t checked out yet…you should! Now she is a mommy and rumor has it that of course her daughter is GORGEOUS. Could she be anything but?


2. Drew Barrymore


So a lot of people love or hate Drew. I am one of the many who LOVE her. She seems so genuine and sweet, her instagram is too funny. I would love to hang out with her, she seems to really be into cooking. I would gladly take lessons from her. šŸ™‚

3. Amber Fillerup Clark


So I have come to the conclusion, that Amber basically has the prettiest hair in the entire world. She wears extensions, but even without them her hair is unreal! She is a beautiful blogger with amazing taste and now mommy with the cutest little boy!


Someone should officially announce her as the queen of braiding, I MEANNNNNN SERIOUSLY? Her blog is Barefoot Blonde.


4. Kayla Itsines


One day I stumbled upon her instagram and it was hard to resist the urge to not immediately purchase her book! I know these days there are so many health gimmicks out there, how could I know this one was any different. But the before and after photos she has shown have blown me away, I have been off and on of  her workout regiman and you guys it is AMAZING. I have toned parts of my body that I could never reach before! I would work out and become frustrated because nothing was changing, it was like I was wasting my time. But with Kayla, inches melt off, the workouts are short, and really cut to your muscles. I love her to pieces!


5. Shailene Woodley


I have to be honest, I actually fell in love with Shailene on her first big break, The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It was an ABC Family series that came out a few years ago, it was SO cheesy, but I was hooked. Sorry, not sorry. I read once in an article published that when she and her boyfriend graduated from high school at the age of 18, they both decided they wanted to move to New York. So with nothing, they just moved and she worked at American Apparel while trying to be an actress. To have a dream and actually jump right for it like that is so inspiring. Now I have to see every movie she is in, just because I think she is so cute. I am a dork like that. But come on, Divergent was amazing! Not to mention, Fault in our stars.


6. Fancytreehouse, Coury Combs & Goldie!


So here is another blogger/shop owner who is SO unique and her little girl Golide has the sweetest thigh rolls on the internet! Her feminine and vintage flair is so captivating and I love seeing her pictures everyday on instagram.




I hope you enjoyed this one, have a great day! Only 23 more days until Magnolia Mill is open!

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b

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