Fringe & Fabulous

Good day everyone, not going to say the name of today because yeah… yucky. I hope you had a nice weekend. We got some rain yesterday, but it brought a nice cool front so I am excited to say it was in the 70’s in this morning. I love this outfit, its both pieces that can be found in my shop. This floral kimono and dress are both things that I love because they are soft and loose. I paired them with my light ankle boots and topped it off with my vintage necklace that was my grandma’s and cross necklace. I am so excited to be in boots again. They are by far my favorite style of shoes.


IMG_1990 IMG_1992

IMG_1993 IMG_1995

IMG_1935 IMG_1991


Thanks for reading, I love you for it.

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b

One comment

  1. Yaas hunni!
    Let’s bring back the fringe.
    (Watch Australia YouTuber AlrightHey and you’ll hear him say ‘Yaas’ and ‘Hunni’ A LOT).

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