Yay for Friday. I really hate the way I sporadically pop in lately, I am sorry! Things are crazy, but I guess I am just making excuses. It only feels right to stop for a second to write as my emotions are running high and my head is spinning, while one chapter is closing and another is opening. This post is purely a diary entry today, no fashion advice here. You see, this week has been so emotional and for different reasons. My parents are at MD Anderson currently while my dad completes his first round of chemo. I feel so happy that there is a plan of action in place for recovery, but also I feel completely helpless watching my hero endure such pain. It’s so difficult feeling like you can’t do anything to help someone you love so much as they go through uncomfortable experiences. I can’t wait for the day this is all over, and continue to pray for patience, wisdom, strength and his healing.


I know I worry more so because I can’t visit or see in person how things are going. Another thing I hate, but my mom says he’s looking good and continues to joke around with the nurses, that everyone loves him. Nothing hurts worse than watching loved ones suffer though, I am grateful for our situation not being worse than it is, but hopeful too that we reach a happy ending.

This week was also my last week at my place of employment and totally bittersweet. I have made extremely close friends while here that I will miss dearly, not seeing them on a daily basis will be hard! I am excited for new endeavors, but saddened to let this one go. I am TERRIBLE with good byes. Yesterday my boss threw a little going away party for me, I think I have managed to cry at least once every day this week.


I am one who loves change, but struggles with it at the same time. I know change can be a good thing, but it is scary. I also know that’s normal and okay too. I am definitely in a huge transitional phase in my life and not enjoying it. But I know things are headed in the right direction. I like to live by the expression, if your dreams don’t scare you then they probably aren’t big enough, or if it scares you, then it’s probably something you should do. I know that’s maybe cheesy, but how can we ever reach our fullest potential if we never put ourselves out there? Good things don’t come to those who play it safe, you have to be uncomfortable sometimes to grow. I share this in hopes you can sympathize and have experienced something similar yourself. We are going to be okay! Right? 🙂 And to end on a happy note, here is Lola and myself on National Dog Day with matching buns. I love my girl!


Well thanks so much for listening to me moan and groan on this lovely Friday. Hope you have a fabulous weekend and I promise to be back soon!

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b

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