Scarecrow Style

Happy Thursday! I keep saying I will post more and what do you know? I am awful at keeping current here. I stink, at least I can admit it. But I LOVE today’s post. The title is funny to me, because some of you may think I look crazy. But, whoever said you can’t mix stripes and plaid clearly doesn’t know me. I love mixing prints and plaid is no exception. As long as the mixing of prints are in colors that compliment each other so you don’t look like a clown of course. What do you think?!








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Thanks for reading, I love you for it!

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b


  1. The sunglasses are fierce and I love the simplicity and color of the dress.


    1. thanks sweet Dasha!!

  2. i love the plaid shirrt! very [pretty color!

    check out my outfit & share your thoughts? 🙂 thx

    1. thanks so much girl!

    2. thank you so much!

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