Where’s Winter

Hello dear friends, happy Friday! Only one more week until Christmas and I am so excited. Today I want to share a look from last weekend. The winter weather pops in and out down south here. One day its chilly, the next we are in shorts! It’s pretty crazy, I can’t remember the last time I actually put on a scarf. But as you can see from these photos, the weather was warm.

Oh, and I am not going to post without mentioning the fact that I am indeed wearing extensions! They are Bellami Hair extensions and they are amazing!




This is an older tunic of mine but I love the print. I paired it with these soft cotton leggings, tie up boots, and a pair of sunnies I LOVE from my shop!

I sure do hope you have a wonderful weekend and got all of your Christmas shopping done, or at least most of it.

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b


  1. Love those extensions! I have never tried any myself but yours look tempting. I am so jealous of the warmth and cute outfit you’re rocking!

    1. Thank you! I thought about it a lot and did my research because I knew if I did get some they had to look decent. They are pretty comfortable too!

      1. How often do you have to wash them? I usually wash my real hair 2x per week so I’d look for something that’s easily manageable too!

      2. You don’t have to wash them often since they aren’t attached to your scalp which produces oil so they don’t get oily. You can wash them after a couple of wears.

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