Comfort is Key

Howdy friends, yayyyyy FINALLY a new outfit post. I keep forgetting to take photos when I actually get dressed which now only happens on the weekend, SOMETIMES. I wear a uniform Monday-Friday which is convenient, but sometimes I really miss my wardrobe.

So the older I get the more I am drawn to anything with elastic waist bands, stretch, and cotton. I know I sound like an 80 year old woman but I just want to be comfy! Especially around this time of year when I am constantly fighting a chill.

I found this dress at Old Navy and knew right away I had to have it. I am all for pieces that are transitional like this one. By that I mean it can be worn year round. Chambray is just classic like that though.






Hope you enjoyed this outfit post, these are truly rare these days.

dress: Old Navy, leggings: H&M, scarf: Steve Madden, Purse: Michael Kors, Boots: JCPenney

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b

One comment

  1. The outfit is super cute on you. Love it. ❤

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