Layered Look 

Howdy my friends! I am on a roll, I have been posting on a fairly consistent basis. I forgot how much I truly enjoy it and I hope you are enjoying hearing from me as well. Here is another outfit of mine that features pieces from shop.

The winter is a great time only because I like being able to create intricate outfits with lots of layers! The south doesn’t prohibit us to this very often on account of it alwayssss being so warm.

I am off today and tomorrow for Mardi Gras,which is tomorrow! Too bad I don’t celebrate it though. I’ll gladly take the time off to recuperate. Once you’ve seen a parade 15 or more times in your life, you’re good. But again I am a granny, that’s just my opinion.


Lunch at my Fav place! Coffee Rani.

Sunnies, boot socks, dress, and vest: Magnolia Mill. Scarf and boots: JCPenney

How’s your February going?

Until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b

One comment

  1. Super cute look! I know how you feel I get too busy to blog and when I start again its so worth it!

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