Sunny Sass

Hello again friends! Hope you all had a marvelous Valentine’s weekend. We had an amazing Saturday but I never got out of bed Sunday! 

That is something I never ever do, but I really wasn’t feeling well so in the words of my husband, it’s ok to not do anything sometimes and take a day off. 

I am a busy body and its hard for me to accept NOT being productive every second of every day. I can only hope you guys are not blessed/cursed with this double edge sword.

It’s great always being productive but you can eventually wear yourself thing, something I am notorious for. So take care of yourself! Make time to do nothing sometimes and I will try to take my own advice. 

Now on to my outfit, I love love love throwing tops and sweaters over a dress! Not only is it comfortable but it’s a fresh take on layering and adds dimension to your outfit. 

Top, dress, boots: Forever 21. Sunnies and necklace: Magnolia Mill 

Until next time,

Stay cute, stay sweet. 


marcy b 


  1. Love those sunglasses!

    1. Thank you so much!

  2. Your necklace is so cute! I am obsessed!

    1. Thanks girlie!

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