Special Guest Post!

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Happy Friday my friends, so happy that the weekend is here and the weather is just beautiful. Today, I have a very special post. So earlier this week, I was contacted by a sweet little fellow by the name of Adam King, a  Retail Merchandising student at Syracuse University. I can’t turn down the opportunity of helping out a fellow merchandising student. Check out his great taste for this Rainy Day Spring look below and you  can follow him on Pinterest here.

Spring is just around the corner and that means so are spring showers! Rainy days are all about comfort and when it’s dark and dreary is always fun to add pieces that bright a bit of light to the day!


Like I said before, on rainy days you typically want to be as comfortable as possible. This striped cotton tee from J. Crew is a great alternative for when you want to be in sweats but can’t be. Continue the nautical theme with the Vinyard Vines hat and Keds.

 Pair this shirt with your favorite pair of jeans like these dark Levi’s. I love my Levi’s because they are great quality and they are probably the most comfortable pair of jeans I own!

 White Keds for the spring and summer are great because they go with so much. I’ve always wanted to change out the laces with leather ones to give them a more unique look. In addition to comfortable shoes, crossbody bags are perfect for the days when you want to be hands free and hassle free. Add a little bling with these floral cluster studs from Lord & Taylor and your outfit is complete.

However, let’s not forget about spring weather. This umbrella from Felix Rey is great for those dreary days. Felix Rey co-founders Salaika Zarrouk and Lily Rafii, now Lily Band after marrying business consultant Doug Band, designed this umbrella with the idea to add fun to the darkest dreary days!

Thanks for reading everyone, hope you enjoyed this sweet piece as much as I did!

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b


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