Stripes and Florals

Hello friends, it’s yet another week! For some of you guys though summer has started, pretty exciting. There just seems to be a different  kind of feel in the air, the beginning of something new. 

I love the change of seasons. Here are some pieces I have had for a while. Yes I repeat my outfits since I’m not made of money! Lol, I  try to always style things differently though so it looks new. 

I love throwing this kimono on top of anything, it adds instant pizzazz to whatever I’m wearing! 

Dress: Old Navy. Shoes: Forever 21. Kimono and glasses: Magnolia Mill 

Thanks for reading, I love you for it! 

until next time, 

stay cute, stay sweet. 


marcy b


  1. Lauren Nakagawa · · Reply

    Love the kimono Marcy!


    1. Thanks!!

  2. Looking fabulous as usual! I particularly like the sunnies.


    1. Thanks sweet girl! 😎🤗

  3. Oh man I always re-wear outfits! Currently doing that so I also don’t have to spend money. I am loving this, though!

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