New Year, Old Self??

I feel it only appropriate that I am writing a post about refreshing yourself at the start of a new year. Hello friends! I disappeared for a while there but I am back and better than ever. If you are wondering what the title of this post is about, well let me tell you.

So I am officially feeling like my old self again, a healthy and happy version of myself that is. You see I couldn’t really tell at the time but back in October I was spiraling down into a dark place.

I wasn’t really sleeping, I was eating horribly in regards to way too much sugar, I was binge drinking coffee because I couldn’t get enough caffeine. I was beyond stressed out, my memory was nonexistent. I actually texted my husband the same exact sentence TWICE in less than one minute time span.

My personal life was heavy, my work load was far beyond what it should have been. Between running my own business, working full time, and just cooking dinner everyday… I couldn’t manage. From October through early December I literally felt like I was on some time of pyscotic fair ride and I couldn’t get off of it.

You see my dad beat cancer back in August, everything  seemed dead. It was two years this past November that this whole nightmare started. Well early November was his first three month scan check up at MD Anderson and SURPRISE… it is in his lungs again. I felt like I was sucker punched and it weighed so much on everything else I had going on.

I became this shell of myself, I hadn’t worked out in weeks. I felt disgusting. I hadn’t blogged because I hardly wore anything relevant of mentioning. Mostly t-shirts and leggings. GAG I know. It took some discouraging events to occur more than once these last few months to really rattle me to the core and wake me up. I came to my senses. I have to slow down.

I am a perfectionist and I try to be do well at so many things, that I am doing so many things quite the opposite of well…and thats putting it nicely.

I started working out again, I took myself off of this mental “schedule” of everything I have to do whether its daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. I am sleeping again, dressing like me again, even painting my nails again. YAY. I am learning to LIVE lol. I tell you folks, your late twenties are by far the hardest yet, because you are just trying to find your groove and “figure” shit out and it sucks. But enough whining.

I hope this reaches you well and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas! I missed you all.

Now on to my outfit! When I think of January in my mind, its days like today that are exactly what I think of. I actually hate January and the whole “new” thing though really, lol. The weather is always the worst and there isn’t a real fun holiday to celebrate.

This hat pictured is from my shop, and this outfit is actually pieces from the Lauren Conrad collection available at Kohl’s. I am so excited for LC since she just recently announced she is expecting! 😀 I hope you enjoy this look and post overall, please do comment!


Thanks for tolerating me and my crazy self. 😀

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b


  1. I love the pleated top! Too cute!

    Xo Logan

  2. My Dear Marcy, there are no words to describe the remarkable young woman you have grown to become… you have always thrived to do your best at everything….. sometimes to the point of migraine headaches,,, you have learned so much in your young life from two of the most strong, inspiring, fun loving, committed , honest people I know and love… your Mother and Father!!!!!! And I can not begin to tell you how so very proud of you I am… you are a young woman with a maturity older people still have a hard time acquiring….. you are so thoughtful, respectful, and loyal to your parents, your family, and your friends… but it’s OK, and sometimes necessary to catch yourself realizing that you need a little time to nurture, and refresh yourself, and like you said… to slow down a little and just breath…. you are a perfectionist and you rise to your victory, this comes as no surprise,,,, but from experience, pace yourself , you don’t want to burn yourself out so early in life……… so, with that said, continue to do what makes you happy, and makes you, you… a very admirable and successful your lady!!!!!!!!✔😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘

    1. Thank you! This melted my heart! Love you!

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  4. Angie Jock · · Reply

    I knew you havent been yourself. I told Mary yesterday after we left your house that you seemed happier and more like yourself. Love you and I know it must be hard keeping the schedule you have. I wish we could see yall more and we lived a little bit closer to each other but I know yall are happy in Mandeville and you both have such great jobs.

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