Momma Mode

Hello again, I am slacking so much lately! It’s hard to post outfits frequently though when you’re feeling like a beached whale and want nothing more than to wear stretchy clothing.

I’m now 21 weeks along and I’ve been holding in my thoughts since this whole amazing and painful process started.

I want to share thoughts on pregnancy no one shared with me, for mommas to be or if you  are considering pregnancy.

I also have an outfit to share. It’s photos from yesterday. Technically my first Mother’s Day!

1. First things first, ARE YOU REALLY READY. I was so excited to get pregnant and I actually had hoped it would have happened years ago, then the moment happened and the pregnancy symptoms hit my body like a bag of bricks.

You have to make sure that mentally, physically, and financially you are stable. I started to feel so terrible so early on that I kept telling myself, “what have I gotten myself into??” I realized then that I was probably pregnant at the best time in my life because you have to make sure your in an easy going state of life with little stress because mentally and physically you will not feel up for anything! The first trimester should be called DEATH TRIMESTER. There were days I would get off of work, parked in my car at home and I would just cry because I felt like I couldn’t even get out and go anymore. SO DRAINED beyond words. And know that you’re right time doesn’t have to be the same time as everyone else’s right time!


SO INSTANTLY, be prepared for fast changes. I mean weird looking swollen nipples, weight gain in unexpected places. Acne on your face back and chest. Mood swings, more freckles, stomach aches and pains, maybe even constipation. Acid reflux, nausea, and heart burn. The minute that baby is in you, you’re body is no longer yours and you are no longer in control. You’re just living to support this little person who is causing havoc on your body.

I was one of the lucky ones to have severe nausea that eventually led to me throwing up. Certain smells and sight of raw meat made me sick too.

I think every girl hopes to be the girl they see on Instagram who’s a skinny twig with only a belly but guess what. Before my belly even showed up I instantly started holding weight in my butt, hips, and thighs. Of course boobs, they blow up too. Gradually your bras and underwear are cutting into you. Pants won’t come up over your hips. So you enter the world of maternity clothes which is not fun either. Maternity sizing is a little tricky and stuff fits differently.

3. Insecurities and self doubt!

You soon lose confindence in your appearance because you’re body is changing SO quickly and without any control that you begin to not feel like yourself. Everyone talks about POSTpartum but what about PREPARTUM.

I felt lost in the beginning. I wasn’t myself but I couldn’t do anything about it. I didn’t have energy and my body wasn’t my own, it was a huge adjustment period for me. I think everyone has this rosy idea of what pregnancy is but it’s so hard. You have no energy and no sleep is ever enough. You wake up all night whether it’s to go for the millionth time or just straight insomnia.

You’re significant other is there for you but they don’t understand fully what you’re going through or how you’re feeling. It’s hardddddddd.

I know I am naming only negative things but let’s go over the positive. Sheer and utter joy and happiness! It’s an amazing and painful little miracle that everyone is so happy to hear about. Your family and friends are just as happy as you are by the news and it makes it even more fun.

The love you feel for a person you don’t even know yet is indescribable. Our little boy doesn’t have a name yet but the love we have for him is beyond words. We’re so blessed to be chosen as parents by God and given this blessing of a little person who will call us Mommy and Daddy.

I hope I didn’t scare you and I hope at least one mama out there can agree with me on this crazy beautiful and hard miracle of birth.

Thanks for reading!

until next time,

stay cute. stay sweet.


marcy b

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