Chill Vibes

Hey friends, the title of this post has two meanings. It’s a chill look and it’s actually crazy cold!!!!

I was so excited to experience an actual winter season here in the south because it’s very rare but this cold can go now.

Today I want to share a look of mine that is one of my favorites! The best part of winter is being able to layer your pieces for an extra special look.

This vest is my absolute favorite item from my shop because it can be worn during any season with pants, dresses, leggings, or even shorts in summer.

I hope you guys are staying warm! And stay tuned because my pregnancy post tell all is coming soon. I want to share all the stuff no one tells you about and the silence of social media trickery!

Until next time,

Stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b


  1. Such a chill and cozy outfit! Wish I could wear outfits like that in Winter as well, but here everything is covered by sooo much snow, brrrr. Great post, xx

    1. Thanks! Yes winter in La is cold to us but probably more like spring for northern folk!

      1. Haha, definitely! I would love to go to LA some day though! x

  2. Jared Lewis · · Reply

    I like your hair like that!

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