Push Present Win

Happy Friday everyone! So some of you may or may not have ever heard of a “push present”. I myself only heard of it a few years ago when a coworker had designer boots for his wife delivered to the office. He told me it was his wife’s push present, it’s a tradition of the husband gifting the wife after delivering their child.

Sounds good to me right?!? So I showed Trav a ring I loved months ago while I was pregnant not thinking he would actually get it but he did and even remembered my ring size! Honestly my gift was Dillon but jewelry doesn’t hurt either! Ha.

No filter on this rock, isn’t it gorgeous??

I love it 😍

Moving along here’s my outfit. I’m gradually transitioning back into my own clothes but still no luck in buttoning my jeans yet! I’m close though.

Initially I was frustrated with myself for not shaking this baby weight completely but I have to remember it took 9 months to gain this weight so it’s going to take time to lose it.

But here is my look featuring head to toe pieces from my shop.

I love layering oversized sweaters that are trending right now. Not only are they the most comfy things ever but they make any outfit suddenly chic.

And you can never go wrong with black suede knee high boots!

Thanks for reading, hope you have a great weekend.

Stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b

One comment

  1. That ring is so pretty! Also love the outfit, the cardigan looks so cosy 🙂

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