Life in Pictures: Florida

Hey everyone. We just got back from a quick trip to Perdido Key, Florida! We went with my parents, younger sister, and her boyfriend. I have to share our adorable pictures and they are in no particular order. But I will note some highlights of the trip.

So we stayed at The Cajun Paradise . It is a condo that is owned by a family member so it was a natural choice of course.

It is right next door to our most favorite local restaurant called the Shrimp Basket. The drink you see from there is The Basket Case, what a perfect drink for me. LOL

We also visited the notorious Flora-Bama, a traveler’s must see! A fun and casual hangout with the best drinks…like the bush whacker.

Another great stop was the Pensacola Naval Base, they have a beautiful Lighthouse and Museum. But we only went to the National Naval Aviation Museum. We even got to witness a winging ceremony.

I hope you enjoy our pictures. I would be lying if I said it was easy bringing a small baby on a road trip, much less the beach. BUT he was a trooper, we just didn’t sleep too much. Being off routine and sleeping somewhere other than home.

This trip was really special, not only was it Dillon’s first vacation and first beach experience but it was with my parents. Something now a days, that is a rare treat. Being that my dad is battling cancer, it limits their time and energy to travel much. Luckily right now things are at a sort of stand still until June when he returns to Md Anderson for another scan.

I am grateful that my parents could witness Dillon’s beach vacation and that we were able to get away all together and escape reality for a just a bit.





thanks for checking this out, hope you smiled. 🙂

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b

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