Dillon is ONE


It’s been a few weeks now and I still can’t believe that I have a one year old. He isn’t my little baby and I know the cliche’… “it goes fast”. BUT REALLY! It goes by soooo fast and I of course cry about it sometimes. It seems that everyday he is doing something new or differently.


I soak him in everyday, trying to memorize his tiny features and the way his little hands wrap around my arms as I rock him. The way his curls feel across my cheek, and the cute little way he scrunches his face when he yawns. These precious moments are priceless and will live forever in my heart.


We had his portraits taken and he was super cranky which made it difficult but the fabulous Andrea Davis still was capable of magic in shooting him. I can’t NOT share these adorable pictures.


Having him was something I only dreamed and wondered about since I was a little girl. I think as women, the two things we always think about growing up is our wedding day and having a baby. AT LEAST that is what I grew up thinking about.


I prepped myself for what his birth would be like, I told myself it would be hard intentionally so that if my expectations were high then I couldn’t be surprised. I was wrong, it was so much harder than I could ever imagine. But from such pain came the most amazing gift from God. I would do it a million times over for Dillon any day.


Now it’s time to reveal his birthday party pictures. Much like his portraits he was once again cranky, he missed the window of time needed for a nap so it was downhill from there. He cried when it came time for his smash cake, but you can see that part for yourself. His adorable and delicious cakes were from Five Sugars Bakery.





It was a crazy day, but nice to see close family and friends. I love my sweet boy and can’t wait to see what the rest of our future together looks like.


Thanks for checking out the blog!

until next time,

stay cute, stay sweet.


marcy b

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