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New Year = New Look.

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday. Still feeling lousy, but I won’t let that keep me from my true passion, that is blogging for you guys. Even if it IS from my bed. So I have been seeing a lot of these articles on social media about new year’s resolutions and tips for sticking to your […]

Never fully dressed.

Without a smile. Happy Friday! Above is one of my most favorite bridal photos by the amazing Reaux photo. So I am trying to be optimistic, but typing is taking all of the strength I can muster. Yesterday, I woke up feeling awful. I thought maybe I had caught the flu over the holidays, but […]

Busy Boho

Hello lovely readers and happy hump day! Only 2 more days until the weekend and Saturday is the big day! The winner of the kensie giveaway is going to announced! For more details check out my previous post. Right now I want to pop in and share a quick OOTD. This is what I wore to run […]

A Leopard Lesson.

Happy Hump Day and Happy Halloween eve! I love the spirit of Halloween excitement in the air. and the thrill of being scared. I am a baby though anything scares me. But tonight I want to do my second addition of “How To”. This time I want to show you how to style: I know […]

Chic Kitty

HAPPY SATURDAY These photos were taken last weekend, I wanted to do a quick OOTD photo shoot. But, right as we started to take photos, Miss Baby Cat decided she needed to be included! Excuse me, missy. HAHAH I love this crop top. How could I not, considering its only part of my blog’s name. […]

Free Falling

Happy Saturday Lovies! I had a great day. It is the first time in two weeks that I don’t have plans on the weekend. I am feeling free today and loving that it is fall. Hence the title of this post. Just want to share a look into my day and of course, outfit. Wearing […]

Tuesday Tizzy

Hi everyone, As we all come down from the buzz of Miley Cyrus’ classy performance Sunday night, I hope you are having a wonderful week thus far. Sorry, I had to mention it though. Ha-ha. I will say one thing and then I am done! Regardless of how you feel about it, you have to […]

Ohhh Audrey

I want to share with you another inspirational gal, who many other people admire too: Audrey Hepburn. She is known best for her role in the classic movie, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, but she has many more great roles in other movies as well. A few of my favorites include “Funny Face”, “Paris when it Sizzles”, […]

Inspiration, cliche’, I know

 I know that everyone claims to love Audrey Hepburn and it sounds cliche’ but I love her. I really, really do. Happy Sunday everyone xoxo inspiration by marcyj147 on Polyvore stay cute, stay sweet. until next time, marcy b  


Well hello, I am really unsure of what I am doing and I do not know if anyone will even care to read this. For quite some time now though I have been feeling the need to start a blog as to document some of the many thoughts that race through my head on a […]