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Looking back.

     Hello my friends! I hope you a wonderful Christmas and weekend. I know I did. Now that Christmas is over, we have another year approaching us. Today I want to look back on my top 10 favorite outfits of 2014. I know people say you should never look back and always look forward, but I think […]

The Little Things.

Hello guys, I’m hoping you had a marvelous long weekend. I know I sure did. I ate WAY too much, found some great things shopping on Black Friday, and spent lots of time with family and friends. I am feeling rather rejuvenated and just in time for our very anticipated trip to Disney World. On […]

Thanksgiving Pinspiration

Happy Thanksgiving eve friend! I hope you have the most wonderful plans for tomorrow. I really do love this time of year.  Here are just a few “pinspirational” ideas thanks to Pinterest. To see more just click on the image!How clever are these easy centerpieces? A great fall inspired salad. DIY glitter leaf decorations. Move over […]

Behind the ‘Gram: @sweetmagchic

Originally posted on Roaring Twentys:
For those of you who may or may have not noticed, fashion bloggers have taken over Instagram. Try scrolling through the popular page and count how many fashion photos you see.. Lost count right? Hashtags like #ootd and #fashion are one of the most popular to use when wanting to…

It’s been a while, be happy

Well hello again!  Hope this Monday treated you fairly. I know I am wiped out and the week is only just begun. Upon trying to decide what my latest post should be, it was an obvious answer. Time for another happy post! Last night I was really down, feeling homesick for my family. I don’t […]

Saturday in the Park

Hi love, did you catch the reference to Chicago there? I love that song, but I got the idea to use it for this post to share my photos from Saturday. It was the best day I have had in a long time! The weather was gorgeous, I rode my new bike on this infamous trail […]

Happy Wife, Happy Life

Ever heard that expression? I think it’s cute and totally true! It’s time to get happy, been a while since I did this! Scroll now… until next time, stay cute, stay sweet. xoxo, marcy b  

One Lovely Blog Award, once more!

Hi guys! So it seems I was nominated for another award, TWICE AGAIN. Thank you so much to Tallulah of  and also, the gorgeous Aroon Melane. I feel guilty, I don’t ALWAYS participate in these nominations. Which is why I am making it a point to commit to this one! Hope your week is going […]

Happiness is Contagious

                Hi guys! Yes it is truly time for another one of my inspirational happy posts. It’s Tuesday, feeling kind of blah here. Although, my morning was made by the generosity of the stranger before me at Starbucks who bought my coffee today. I think its important to take small moments to remind ourselves that life […]

Blake and Preserve

Hi there, So I like to randomly share websites/blogs, projects, random stories, and tid bits of facts you may, or most likely may not want to know about, or even care! But in case you do wonder about what I am thinking, reading, etc…Just when I thought that the amazing gorgeous, talented, fashionable Blake Lively […]