Here Comes the Sun

  Happy Wednesday from teddy bear Lola and me! I decided it was more than time for another HAPPY post! So scroll down for smiles, all images courtesy of Google images. 😀 Have a great day love! Thanks for reading, I love you for it. until next time, stay cute, stay sweet. xoxo, marcy b


HAPPY Friday! I knew exactly what I wanted to share with you today, its time for another one of my notorious happy post. This is when I share funny and inspiring pins all courtesy of Pinterest!  So I hope you all have amazing plans for the weekend, I really need to catch up on my sleep. […]

It’s been a while, be happy

Well hello again!  Hope this Monday treated you fairly. I know I am wiped out and the week is only just begun. Upon trying to decide what my latest post should be, it was an obvious answer. Time for another happy post! Last night I was really down, feeling homesick for my family. I don’t […]

Happy Wife, Happy Life

Ever heard that expression? I think it’s cute and totally true! It’s time to get happy, been a while since I did this! Scroll now… until next time, stay cute, stay sweet. xoxo, marcy b  

Happiness is Contagious

                Hi guys! Yes it is truly time for another one of my inspirational happy posts. It’s Tuesday, feeling kind of blah here. Although, my morning was made by the generosity of the stranger before me at Starbucks who bought my coffee today. I think its important to take small moments to remind ourselves that life […]

LONG Overdue Happiness

Well hello my friends, upon contemplating what today’s post could be on…it hit me. I am long overdue for a happiness post and the timing is great because this week I have kind of been in a funk. I could use a good laugh and I bet you could too. So scroll now for smiles. 😀 […]


Are those not the biggest eyes you have ever seen? Oh well! LOL I wanted a fun picture for yes, ANOTHER HAPPY POST! It is long over due don’t you think? Now, I could totally end the post here because if this little ham doesn’t do you in, I don’t know what will! My sweet […]

Happiness is Bliss

Hey everyone! Sorry I totally fell off the radar there, I have been beyond busy, knee deep in paint and construction! I am officially a homeowner, that is pretty exciting if I do say so myself. I am feeling overjoyed and overwhelmed all at the same time and what better time than now for another […]

If you’re happy and you know it.

You guys! Finally it is Thursday, I don’t know why but this week has been a brutal one for me. The weather was so nice and yesterday we had a cold front blow in, but that should come as no surprise since Louisiana is notorious for this. I figured everyone could use a smile today, […]

Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Happy Saturday loves! So what do you know, Louisiana really did have a snow day. Roads, offices, schools, and businesses closed yesterday while the state was covered in ice and snow flurries. I even worked a shorter day myself. This week was a long one for sure and I am excited for the weekend to […]