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Halloween 👻 Time

Hello again, so this is the start of my favorite time of the year. From October through December I’m in love. I love these special holidays and the memories I know that are soon to follow.  Here’s a bold look, I paired this striped sweater dress with my leopard print sneakers. I love pairing the […]

Tassel Time 

Howdy everyone, so I fell off the map again! Boo. But I have a new outfit post today! This top is from my shop and I can’t get over it! Not only is it soft but I mean look at it! Lol, it’s precious. I paired it with these overworn leopard pants of mine that seem […]

Is it spring yet?

Happy yuck day everyone. Yes, I am not a fan of these days. It only means we have too many days before Saturday ahead! l am anticipating spring and for several reasons. But most of all I miss wearing shorts and not having to run from the house to the car in the morning to […]

Lilac and Leopard

Happy middle of the week, we made it! 🙂 This week feels extremely long am I right? I have officially decided I am over January and ready for a fresh month. I am a weirdo yes, I really don’t like January. The weather stinks and it has nothing fun about it other than symbolizing a […]

Feathers, Layers, and Leopard. OH MY.

Yay!!! It’s Friday! Finally. This first official week back after the holidays was a doozy am I right? YIKES. So glad it’s over. The weather is crazy cold right now, I hope you are staying warm wherever you are! Here is a quick outfit post for you. I love these pants, I have had them […]

Union Jack and Leopard

Good day to you friend, hope the week is treating you well. So happy it is flying by fairly quick. I am still loving my short hair, it is such a breeze to maintain. Here is another look from the weekend. I have always been a sucker for the notorious union jack and I wanted […]

Weekend Ways

Hey friend, hope you had a great weekend. I know I did, got lots of things done around the house. I love the weekends for many reasons, but one of them is being able to wear just about anything I want to. For years I worked in retail and I could wear just about anything. […]

Playful Stripes

Hi again everyone, hope you had a wonderful weekend. I just want to share an OOTD with you since it has been quite a while. Today the weather is warm and it feels so nice. I wore this oversized and hole design sweater with jeggings. Paired along with my fringe boots and leopard scarf. Today […]

Loving Leopard

Happy Monday! LOL How can a Monday ever be happy, let’s admit it…Monday’s are rough. I want to share another outfit post with you, maybe I can brighten your Monday. Here is a look at what I wore to a friend’s couple shower. It was an intimate house party, I wanted to look cute, but […]

It Girl?

So what do you know? It’s Tuesday once again. Boy how those weekends just seem to fly by, am I right? Only 3 more days until the weekend is here again.  Moving right along,  I want to share another OOTD with you. The title of this post is a question because I was totally drawn […]