Fav Photo’s

photo copy 2

I didn’t know where to post these pictures of myself and I finally decided on making a fav photo page. Here is a closer look into my style.  I hope my love of fashion shines through these photographs and inspires you. Side note though, the picture above is one of my favorites, who doesn’t love a good fairy figurine collection? hee-hee 😉

My style: I love ALL things girly! I will try anything once and some of my favorite things to wear include florals, lace, bows, pastel colors, polka dots, hearts, stripes, studs, chevron, and leopard print.



photo 1-188


photo 2-134


photo 1 copy

photo 2-190

photo 3-124

photo 2 copy

photo 3-177

photo 1-135

photo 2 copy 2

photo 3 copy 2

photo 4-69IMG_8755IMG_8756IMG_8758photo 5-15


  1. lindseyrube · · Reply

    You are amazing! Love you little sis

    1. Oh loo! You are amazing I love and miss u soooo much!

  2. what confidence and style! good luck on your quest!

    1. Thanks girlie I appreciate all the love! Xoxo good luck to you as well!

  3. Love your style! xx

    1. Thank you! 😀

  4. Love this! Your style inspires me 🙂

    1. Aw thank you so much! You are so sweet. xo

  5. Lovely style and such an amazing blog. I love every outfit, trully inspirational.

    1. Oh, you are too sweet. Thank you so much! xoxo 😀

  6. These photos are precious and I especially love your “about me” photo hair! Is that a most recent or old one?


    1. Hahah, hey thank you so much! My about me photo IS recent. I chopped my hair off. 😀 Thanks love!

  7. Genius! A great place for all those photos you want to share, but can’t find a place or a reason to share. ❤

  8. Love the pictures! I want so many of your things 😛

    1. Thanks girl!

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