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Good morning friends! Today is the day! It’s National Pink Day! My favorite color has its very own day, how delightful. šŸ˜€ I want to stop and take a moment to appreciateĀ a color that brings us all joy. Also, stop by the shop today and use coupon code: PINK for a special discount! Ā All images […]

It’s been a while, be happy

Well hello again! Ā Hope this Monday treated you fairly. I know I am wiped out and the week is only just begun. Upon trying to decide what my latest post should be, it was an obvious answer. Time for another happy post! Last night I was really down, feeling homesick for my family. I don’t […]

Haute Couture Halloween

howdy friends, So Halloween is Thursday and it is by far my second, most favorite holiday after Christmas off course. Candy, pumpkins, costumes, scary movies, I love it all. There is one thing about Halloween I really don’t like though and that is how it has become the one day that a girl can dress […]

Come on get HAPPY

Howdy Ho Friends I know everyone is looking forward to a three day weekend and tomorrow is Friday! YES. I decided that tonight calls for another happy post. You all seemed to like the last one, so please prepare to scroll down for a bit of positivity. xoxo Burning candles. I need them both, so […]


Hi all,I am always talking about color, adding color, mixing color, and yada, yada. But tonight I wanted to emphasize a lack there of…What I mean is the significance of the Ā color black. For decades now, the color black has been THE staple of fashion. Regardless of trends, black has always and will always stand […]

Worn out Wednesday

good evening friends, and happy hump day. As this week is almost over, I am feeling wiped out and I hope you are all hanging in there better than myself. I am a week into the new jobbie job and I am like a new born baby. Taking in so much information I need a […]

Ohhh Audrey

I want to share with you another inspirational gal, who many other people admire too: Audrey Hepburn. She is known best for her role in the classic movie, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, but she has many more great roles in other movies as well. A few of my favorites include “Funny Face”, “Paris when it Sizzles”, […]