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Plum Plaid

Hi friends, I have been MIA sadly, just lots of things going on. But I am popping on the blog for a second because my most favorite time of the year is here! It’s fall y’all! We have the most random but beautiful tree behind our home, it’s called a beauty berry plant. I love […]

Push Present Win

Happy Friday everyone! So some of you may or may not have ever heard of a “push present”. I myself only heard of it a few years ago when a coworker had designer boots for his wife delivered to the office. He told me it was his wife’s push present, it’s a tradition of the […]

Chill Vibes

Hey friends, the title of this post has two meanings. It’s a chill look and it’s actually crazy cold!!!! I was so excited to experience an actual winter season here in the south because it’s very rare but this cold can go now. Today I want to share a look of mine that is one […]

A chilly December

Howdy people! Yes I’m still alive, I had a baby and fell into a motherhood vortex. Of which I want to discuss but that will come later. Today I want to share a cozy layered winter look with you that is composed of staple items I wear over and over! I hope you had a […]

Feathers, Layers, and Leopard. OH MY.

Yay!!! It’s Friday! Finally. This first official week back after the holidays was a doozy am I right? YIKES. So glad it’s over. The weather is crazy cold right now, I hope you are staying warm wherever you are! Here is a quick outfit post for you. I love these pants, I have had them […]

Think Pink

Happy Wednesday! Ahhh yes, the middle of the week already, hurry up Friday! Christmas is ever so slowly creeping up on us and will be here before you know it. I still have some holiday loose ends to tie up, literally. HAHA. But I wanted to stop by and share another OOTD with you. Here is […]

Shop my Closet

Happy Saturday! The surprise I was waiting to tell you was that you can now shop in my closet via shopmagnolias instagram! All sales are final, flat shipping rate of $3! Check it out now, payment is through PayPal. Thanks for the love! Happy shopping. 🙂 until next time, stay cute, stay sweet. xoxo, marcy […]

Audrey and Me

Happy Monday, if that can exist right!? I hope you had a relaxing and fun filled weekend. I had a busy one, that’s for sure. I decided to try a new hair color though… What do you think? I was nervous, but ready for a change. I believe change CAN be a good thing. I […]

Black and White

Happy Wednesday friends! This week is brutal to say the least. I am so wiped out, looking forward to a fun weekend. Hope you have fun plans too! Here is an outfit from a few days ago. I love these capri pants. When wearing a black and white print, you can pair it with black, […]

Summer Loving

Monday is back and I can’t say that my feelings towards it have changed any. HA. Here is a quick look at my outfit over the weekend. These adorable layered shorts were a gift from a friend. She ordered them online and they didn’t fit. MY lucky day. 😀 Hope you have a great week […]